It is known that a literary society was formed in Alyth in 1875 and that it replaced a previous society which had ceased to function. The society formed in 1875 continued at least until 1880 and then on the 31st August, 1882 there is the first recorded minute of the Alyth Literary Society. Originally the Society was formed as a “mutual improvement society” but changed its name to the Alyth Literary Society on 6th March, 1883. This particular society seems to have ended sometime in 1885 but at the same time the YMCA in Alyth had a literary branch although very little is recorded of its activities and it appears to have become defunct. However, on the 7th June, 1901 the YMCA again resolved to form a literary society and it is from this beginning that the present day society grew. Both World Wars saw the Society going into abeyance but reforming on cessation of hostilities with the “YMCA” being dropped from its title in 1949. There has always been a wide range of topics at the meetings with a more literary content in earlier times but the format of the syllabus has remained remarkably similar over the years with talks on popular subjects such as history and travel.

The meetings which are held throughout the winter months are open to all and new members are always welcome. The membership elects a committee and office bearers annually to manage the Society’s affairs, details of which are given in “About”.


Meetings are held in the Ogilvie Rooms, Commercial Street, Alyth (map) and commence at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise. Enrolment fee for the session costs £10. Admission to a single lecture for non-members is £3.